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What Would You Ask Jesus?

If you could ask God just one question… What would you ask? This is the third part in our “Passion” sermon series exploring the suffering of Jesus. In this one we explore the trial of Jesus and the seven questions he is asked...

Later You Will Understand?

This is the first of our sermon series exploring the suffering of Jesus as recorded in the book of John. We start at the Last Supper where Jesus washes peoples’ feet!… Read the rest


Power Or Authority?

Which would you rather have, power or authority? What is a spirituality of “powerlessness and authority?” That’s a good question!

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Revolution Songs!

It’s Christmas… And this year we did it with revolution songs. It’s a pity you can’t hear everyone else singing in the recording (to cover my voice up a bit!). Enjoy this journey into the world of protest and revolution songs!

Christmas Eve Revolution...

A Letter To Our Barbarian

“Trump is a bit of a barbarian, but in a way he’s our [Christian] barbarian.”

– George Pell, as quoted in The Guardian 17/12/2020

Dear George Pell,

You don’t speak for me.  You can say what you like as long as we’re clear on that – and clear that you...