The Journey Home

The Journey Home was born of 25 years’ experience of walking with those who are suffering.  It is designed to help you think through important things that we all needs to consider now,  but which many choose to ignore until it’s too late. This book is for people in pain.  It is for people who are worried or sick.  It is designed to encourage, comfort, and to help you know that you are not alone.  It is made to give away or to be read with someone you trust. This book has words.  But if you don’t like words, enjoy the pictures!

The ‘seven reflections’ at the start gently deal with critical grief issues that those approaching death often face. They use the framework of Christ’s journey to help us through the important things we each need to face on our journey.  The last two thirds of the book contain a collection of reflections, quotes and prayers that can be used individually without having to read the whole.

The Journey Home is written from a Christian point of view.  It also makes use of key psychological insights into the grief process of those who are dying. It attempts to remain sensitive to those of different perspectives, but unashamedly talks of the ‘Fellow Traveller’, Jesus who goes with us and ahead of us.  It is our hope that The Journey Home will be of help to anyone on the journey of life.

Journey well!