Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan

This week’s sermon was gradually drawn on a huge long blackboard which stretched 25 feet on the floor all the way from our altar to the middle of the church down the aisle!  The blackboard was surrounded with lights which led up and wrapped around the cross.  So you’ll “hear” the drawing but not see it – just imagine the scene!

Listen…  Where Do You Fit Into The Story

Matt’s Notes…  Luke 10.25 Good Samaritan Where Do You Fit into The Story

Emotional Health #9 Grappling With Grief

This week we had guests Peter and Rachel who shared an experience of grief and helped us to understand what actually helps and what does not.  It’s an amazing and helpful presentation they gave.  Matt followed up with a sermon!

Listen…  Grappling With Grief AUDIO

Handout Discussion Notes… Emotional Health 9 Grappling With Grief HANDOUT

Matt’s Notes…  Emotional Health 9 Grappling With Grief SERMON