Exodus 2 – Living This Side Of The Water

Today it’s a blackboard drawing sermon – people have asked for a video.  Sorry, all you get is this nice picture here and the audio, but we think the audio will still get you somewhere!


Listen…  The Story of Baby Moses

Why this story?  At the moment as we prepare for Christmas we our theme is “Why A Baby?”  We are looking at stories of children in the Bible to prepare for Christmas when we explore the ultimate “baby story”.  Don’t forget to bring your baby photo to stick to the wall in our Immanuel Church baby photo competition!

Luke 18:1-8 The Winning Woman

Another visual sermon with David Wallis and Lawrence Outridge acting out the parts.  They dressed up, acted up and brought the story alive.  In the audio recording you can’t see the grumpy look on Judge David’s face or the fun when Lawrence goes outside, writes “help” with textas on the windows, runs his lipsticked lips down the windows and finally finds a microphone to call for help – all of which interrupted the preaching a lot!  But the point will hopefully still be clear!

Listen…  161016-the-parable-of-the-judge-and-the-widow