Easter Poem – The Ground Breaking

The Ground Breaking

It is the third day
since the ground won.

It is the third day
since the grave claimed His beaten flesh.

It is the third day.
Shock begins to lapse
Into the long silence of loss.
This is what comes after ‘it is finished.’


The ground begins to break.

The Beast ate something that does not agree with it.
Death’s belly throbs for three days.
The bowels of the Deep groan.
An abyss with indigestion.
Hell swells with sick stomach,
It cannot digest Him,
It cannot possess Him!

The ground is breaking.

Hell fails,
Death pales,
Life prevails,
The ground abounds,
As earth gives birth,
For this tomb is a womb.
Yes this tomb is a womb!

A voice of triumph,
A seismic shout of victory,
An earthquake of joy!
Every grain of dust dances,
The tallest trees tremble,
The great mountains rattle,
The sun and stars break out in worship,
As the Tidal Wave of Life breaks the ground.

The heavenly host watch in awe,
As the angel reverently rolls away the stone;
Not so Christ can break out,
But so all can see in.

Now all can see that…

The ground has been broken!


(Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!)
© Matthew Thiele, April 2017

(And for those at Immanuel, you have a  preview of what is coming!  See you there.  Deo Volente!)