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Simplicity #4 Simple Stories

This is the fourth in our series for the season of Advent called “Simplicity”. We explore some of the compelling stories that are changing the ways we think and act today: RANDOMODITY, NIHILISM, VELOCITASM, SEVERISM, SCARCITERROR and more!!

Simplicity #1 Simple Habits

Mp3 Audio Download: Simplicty 1 – Simple Habits

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YouVersion – the best Bible app ever!

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You can also just go to  as the app does need a good data connection.

My advice with this is to keep it simple.  Just do one thing and do it consistently.  I would start with either a Bible reading or the lectionary!  Another great way to do this is to do it in parallel with other people.  With family or a Life Group.  Then you can discuss it, text about it, or keep each other on track.  Your life group could all try SACRED SPACE until Christmas and text each other what you hear!