Power Or Authority?

Which would you rather have, power or authority? What is a spirituality of “powerlessness and authority?” That’s a good question!

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Revolution Songs!

It’s Christmas… And this year we did it with revolution songs. It’s a pity you can’t hear everyone else singing in the recording (to cover my voice up a bit!). Enjoy this journey into the world of protest and revolution songs!

Christmas Eve Revolution...

A Letter To Our Barbarian

“Trump is a bit of a barbarian, but in a way he’s our [Christian] barbarian.”

– George Pell, as quoted in The Guardian 17/12/2020

Dear George Pell,

You don’t speak for me.  You can say what you like as long as we’re clear on that – and clear that you...

If God Is Good Why Evil?

If God is good and God is love, why does evil exist – and why is evil so… evil? This was a blackboard sermon and so lots of drawing happened as we talked, the visual image may help!